Funny & amazing interview with Thomas Ruscica and James Swan

THOMAS RUSCICA has a background in the fashion industry working as a men’s groomer for over 33 years. His role as a creative force in his industry coupled with his imaginative eye serve as the design impetus for the collective aesthetic, branding and social media coordination of DESIGNLUSH.

"Born and raised in New York City, I have a passion for illustration, art direction, and photography from a very young age. I attended the High School of Art & Design, graduating with other accomplished artists, including photographer Steven Meisel.  Shortly after receiving my cosmetologist’s license, my talents was noticed by renowned hairstylist Garren.  My career was launched from there and was soon recognized as an expert in men's haircutting & styling.

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Feb 6, 2015

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At 62, I love my career of 31 years, and will continue to work on fashion photo shoots. Is there an act 3?. This act with any luck and a great deal of passion will help the company I work with to promote the best in mens grooming, enhanced lifestyle, improved health, and greatly improving the way any older man looks (45 plus) in a very honest and simple way. I do not believe in a black & white mentality. I believe in simple life style changes, that with time and consistency bring about substantial change to the physical, emotional and spiritual condition in our lives.

For men, things like plastic surgery generally are a quick fix and often do not yield good or natural results. Same thing seems true of a lot of false advertising, such as "lose weight and have a great body in 30 days" Hair color for men, who mostly use models with the appropriate color hair on the box, but yet their hair is is not dyed and they do not use the product they are advertising! ( been on these exact shoots for several companies) etc.

I have lived a good, yet not perfect lifestyle in the last few decades, which has helped me achieve some of the above. That, as well as a good attitude, sense of humor, humility, and of course the assistance of some great skin and hair products have seemed to preserve my youthful appearance. I am hoping to find a great match with a great company that believes that a man at any age can look and feel not only better, but enjoy his life in a way he did not think possible. I believe I can help engage, encourage, and promote that. I have been told by many that I am the real deal.

I am looking forward to finding the best company & better yet, hopefully reaching out to me to to assist & consult with them in achieving incredible results for the older man, with their products, my expertise, and my zest for living.